Esteemed Chinese Enrichment Centre in East Coast

Presently, Chinese enrichment classes play a pivotal role. Chinese/Mandarin is a language that potentially opens doors to business opportunities, international communication, and a rich cultural legacy. Enrolling your child in enrichment Chinese programs will foster their cognitive abilities, language skills, and understanding of culture.

Kindergarten or primary school is where children in Singapore begin their formal education when they are four years old. Giving kids the equipment they need to succeed in school will help them overcome any challenges they will meet on their learning journey. You can contact Hua Yi Education for Chinese enrichment classes where excellence meets fun!

Why Does Your Child Need Chinese Enrichment?

There are many difficulties your child faces when it comes to learning Chinese in preschool, primary school, and secondary school. Here are some difficulties that these classes will solve for your child:

  • Problems with speaking, writing, and reading
  • Lack of interest in books and reading
  • Common errors in pronunciation
  • Lack of a foundation in vocabulary, sentence structure, and basic grammar
  • Difficulties with composition and comprehension test elements
  • Lack of confidence in speaking, reading aloud, and oral & listening assessments
  • Finding different meanings for words and characters can be difficult
  • Poor grasp of advanced vocabulary and grammar
  • Unable to finish Chinese writing assignments because of poor time management
  •    Insufficient ability to process or understand exam questions
  •    Incapable of using comprehension skills to exam questions

Why Choose Hua Yi Chinese Enrichment Centre in East Coast?

  • Experienced and educated Chinese tutors
  • 20+ Years of Teaching Experience
  • Custom fit and specialised learning according to student’s needs
  • Tuition materials and worksheets
  • Provide conducive classrooms and a supportive learning environment
  • Individualised feedback, progress reports and insights of students
  • Build resilience, positive and can-do attitude
  • Build self-confidence and self-motivation for your child’s learning
  • Achieve desired Chinese grades, improvements, and goals
  • Understand the Chinese language foundational basics

Improves confidence and proficiency in oral and written tests

What Should You Expect from Our Chinese Enrichment Classes?

Students take a Diagnostic Test before beginning their classes at Hua Yi Education. Teachers give students worksheets at the right level to start with. The learner will gradually advance to a more sophisticated syllabus based on their aptitude and development.

Our students are taught based on aptitude rather than age. Students who progress beyond their present school grade for six months, a year, two, three, five, or more, are given awards every year.

When students finish the last worksheet level (the pre-university syllabus), they are referred to as graduated from the Hua Yi Education programmes. Completions also receive annual awards.


How to Enrol Your Child in Chinese Enrichment Classes?

You can follow the five steps to enrol your child in our Chinese enrichment centre in East Coast:

Step 1: Submit your application

Step 2: Take a proficiency test/trial package

Step 3: A brief Interview

Step 4: Enrol in our program

Step 5: Schedule your classes